Smooth Bubble Bubbler

This water pipe and bubbler is sphere shaped and designed to hold water in a smooth bubble shape. The smooth bubble shape is an omen to good fortune and helps ward off harmful energy. The water inside allows all flavors to be fully tasted, adds more moisture, and helps remove harmful substances. The glass slide includes an inline percolator and the mouthpiece will feel smooth on your lips. Both the slide and the mouthpiece are removable to make cleaning easier. You will also notice there is a carb on the top for more airflow in your bubble. This MediBubbler water pipe and bubbler is Guaranteed To Be Smooth.


  • 1 Bubbler 
  • 1 Mouthpiece
  • 1 Bowl 
  • 10 Brass Filters 

Product Specifications: 

    • Height: 7 inches
    • Width: 5 inches
    • Diameter:  3.75 inches
Why MediBubbler?
    • 1. Water Filter:
        The water filters out harmful substances and prevents them from hurting you. The water also adds moisture and makes the experience less dry compared to a regular glass bubbler.  2. Inline Percolator: 
        • The glass slide has an inline percolator that has seven holes, so airflow is maximized. This guarantees that you have a smooth experience, decreases the pressure required to make the water bubble, and increases air/liquid surface area.
        3. Removable Glass Mouthpiece: 
        • The mouthpiece is removable, so this makes cleaning very easy and can be switched out with a different mouthpiece. Also, increases sanitation when using with other people. 
        4. Removable Glass Slide: 
        • The glass slide is detachable, and the bubbler can be used without removing it. A removable piece also makes cleaning easy and allows for more airflow if you are looking for additional ventilation when using. 
        5. Convenient Carb: 
        • There is a carb at the top of every bubbler for even MORE airflow. The carb is easy to plug with your finger.


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