Cannabis Sales Increase, MediBubbler Announces New Product

by MediBubbler Team September 12, 2016

Cannabis Sales Increase, MediBubbler Announces New Product

Aurora, CO September 1st, 2016 – MediBubbler, LLC, a nationwide provider of water pipes and bubbler products, announced the debut of their first product that is “Guaranteed To Be smooth.”  Bubbler and glass pipe sales are on the rise as both cannabis and tobacco industries are expected to grow.

According to Fortune Magazine, legal marijuana sales could hit $6.7 billion in 2016.  Furthermore, the medical marijuana industry is projected to top $40 billion dollars in next five to ten years according to two new economic analyses.  As legal sales of medical and recreational cannabis increase, glass pipes and bubbler sales will also increase as customers look for cannabis accessories. 

We can expect to see a greater number of purchases in this emerging industry as four states have legalized recreational marijuana and a total of 23 states have legalized medical marijuana.

Additionally, tobacco sales in 2016 are expected to increase by 1.2 percent this year according to 2016 Convenience Store News Industry Forecast Study.  And at no surprise, cigarette costs are expected to rise again with manufacturer's list prices and taxes.  With the greater demand and higher costs, many customers will begin to explore purchasing tobacco in bulk and using glass pipes to save on costs. 

Before launching, MediBubbler conducted research in Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington to ensure their bubbler would meet the customer's expectations. 

“When designing a product like this, it’s important to collect feedback from people that have the most to say and that will be honest about saying it” Steven Adamski, Marketing Researcher said. “That’s why speaking with dispensaries and glass shops located in these cities was important.”

MediBubbler’s first product is a glass bubbler that incorporates removable components into an overall bubble design.  It features an inline percolator that increases the gas/water ratio and filters out any harmful substances to create a smooth experience.  The glass piece also has a small carburetor for more airflow and each unit includes ten brass filters.

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MediBubbler LLC, founded in 2016, is dedicated to providing the highest quality water pipes and bubbler that are ‘guaranteed to be smooth.’  Our products are a clean and refreshing experience.  Our goal is to help people live a happy and healthy life.

MediBubbler Team
MediBubbler Team